Spring 2011

Not the best picture of the girls I know but I just like the whole scene in itself with them walking toward each other with their umbrellas.

Hard to believe that school is almost over.  Only another 6 days to go!  Cassandra is looking forward to summer break and Kaylee is looking forward to kindergarten!  (Don’t tell her she still has 2 years to go).

Have had a good spring so far but everyone is looking forward to summer and warm weather!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Things are going good for everyone here.  I can’t believe we’re already halfway into January!  Cassandra’s doing great in Kindergarten but she’d still tell you she doesn’t like it cause it’s boring and you just sit there.  Kaylee talks a lot and makes us all laugh, no luck with any potty training yet but hopefully soon!  Josh just had his 34th birthday and is doing good.  Nothing going on with me, just taking care of family and house :)

Hope to get some pictures of the girls soon but haven’t gotten any yet!